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Fast Food


Fast Food

El Alamein’s expertise in food & beverage packaging provides high quality not just from a visual branding & graphics perspective, but also in terms of convenience, hygiene, safety and protection.

Fast Food

Buckets & Bowls

(F_1) Buckets and Bowels
(F_1_1) 10 Oz
10 Oz
(F_1_2 ) 15 Oz
15 Oz
(F_1_3 ) 20 z
20 Oz
(F_1_4 ) 34 Oz
34 Oz
(F_1_5 ) 40 Oz
40 Oz
(F_1_6 ) 85 Oz
85 Oz
(F_1_7 ) 130 Oz
130 Oz
(F_1_8 ) 170 Oz
170 Oz
Fast Food

Paper Wraps & Placemats

(F_2_1) Paper Wraps
Tray mate
(F_2_1_1) Grease Proof Wraps 2
(F_2_1_2) Fruits Paper Wraps
Fast Food


(F_4) Clamshell
(F_4_1) Small Size Clamshell
Small Clamshell
(F_4_2) Medium Size Clamshell
Medium Clamshell
(F_4_3) Large Size Clamshell
Large Clamshell
Fast Food

Paper Bags

( F_3 ) Paper Bags
( F_3_1) Carry out Bags
Take Away Bag
( F_3_2) Small Fry Bags
Fries Pack
( F_3_3) Sandwich Bag
Sandwich Pack
Fast Food


(F_5) Fast Food Boxes 1
(F_5_1) French Fries Boxes
French Fries Boxes
(F_5_2) Meal Boxes
Meal Boxes
(F_5_3) Happy Meal Boxes
Happy Meal Boxes
(F_5_4) Pizza & Salad Boxes
Pizza & Salad Boxes
(F_5_5) Dinner & Snack Boxes
Dinner & Snack Boxes
(F_5_6) Sandwich boxes
Sandwich Boxes
Fast Food


(F_7) Ice-cream
(F_7_1) 1 Scoop cup
1 Scoop Cup
(F_7_2) 2 scoops cup
2 Scoops Cup
(F_7_3) Ice-cream cone
Icecream Cone
(F_7_4) Callipo
(F_7_5) Ice-cream cover
Icecream Cover
Fast Food

Boat Tray Boxes

(F_9) Boat Tray Boxes
Fast Food


(F_6) Paper Plates 2