Years experience working

We are on track since 1921

El Alamein Pack is a leader expert in providing printing and packaging solutions by converting paper and carton into different packaging products for all industrial fields for 100 years

First Generation

The original founder of the company Mr.Ahmed Abou Rida worked as a paper & cardboard trader as well as a newspaper & magazine distributor in Alexandria.

Second Generation

Mr. El Sayed Ahmed Abou Rida and his younger brother Mr. Hassan Ahmed Abou Rida started a factory for wedding cards and cigarettes carton boxes in 1970, Mr. Ahmed El Sayed Abou Rida the eldest son of Mr. El Sayed Ahmed Abou Rida, succeeded them.

Third Generation

That followed by Mr. Assem Abou Rida & Mr. Mohamed Abou Rida, since 1970. They revolutionized the printing & packaging industry and formed a large printing & packaging company standing out as one of the best in Egypt. The company went into joint venture with several European printing & packaging companies to start new companies in Egypt for printing and flexographic packaging, as well as other companies for corrugated boxes. EL- ALAMEIN became a well-rounded printing & packaging company for various shapes and materials.

Fourth Generation

Mr. Mohamed Abou Rida carried on as the mentor of Mr. Amr abou Rida and Mr. Assem abou Rida, his sons. This era came to be the evolution after a series of mis-fortunate events happening in the country. Growth and Prosperity are our focus. And the best is yet to be unfold.

Taking the lead of printing and packaging technology
by implementing all the latest offset and flexo printing technologies operating now in the market

To be the most dominant and innovation driven press in Egypt while fulfilling our ESG Responsibility


Produce healthy and safe products in order to achieve customer satisfaction with dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit.

Unique Values
Great just isn’t good enough.​
Fast is always better.
Democracy is how things go.
Availability is not just on the desk.
You can make money without doing evil.
There’s always more information out there.
Credibility, honesty and loyalty.
It’s best to do one thing really, really well.
Look good, feel good and be good
Values über alles.
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